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Recently we’ve been visiting Derbyshire Ready schools and have been blown away by the difference enterprise is having on the teaching, learning and culture. A great example was the wider

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimpact that Stretton Handley Primary School’s new enterprising approach to curriculum design has had on different aspects of school life. Following the schools involvement in Derbyshire Ready, staff reviewed children’s experiences in school and looked for opportunities where they could take more ownership and responsibility for their learning. Making decisions about who to work with, how to present their work and choosing their own research questions is developing key enterprise capabilities like initiative, creativity, problem solving and team work. The school has even developed a new approach to homework. Head Teacher Julie Dunbar and staff now give children a choice of activities that are connected to their curriculum topic and demand the children apply their academic skills to high standards. For example, children learning about Ancient Egyptians during their ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ topic, responded by developing presentations, building complex models and creating news reports. Mrs Dunbar said: “It’s so much more engaging than handing out a comprehension sheet, now the children are creating their own responses. Parents are much more involved in the process and are sharing their skills, and children are talking excitedly about what they’re doing at home. The quality of the work is exceptional, and children are taking ownership and are motivated. It’s raising the bar; children see what each other are doing and want to try hard to succeed themselves.”

Photo’s – children holding their model during class presentations (a shaduf) and pointing to / sharing their own PowerPoint presentations on Egyptian maths.


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