Coaching and Professional Learning

We provide coaching and professional learning, working with practitioners over time to support their development. Our philosophy and approach is informed by, and reflective of, research on effective professional development.

We work practitioners to enable them to rethink and improve teaching and learning through enterprise. This can include reviewing curriculum and pedagogy, joint practice development and mentoring to work towards quality awards like NETA (the National Enterprise Teacher Award).

We have evolved a Ready Strategy which describes the sort of support we provide over time to help educators improve outcomes for young people. We can also help address schools’ needs and development priorities by creating and strengthening enterprising and entrepreneurial pedagogy, learning and culture.

We provide professional learning and coaching, face-to-face and remotely, to individuals, small groups and cross phase groups.

We work with...

Individual primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Partnerships of schools.

Cross phase clusters.

Examples of our work include…

  • Providing specialist coaching to year group curriculum leaders in a primary school to innovate their practice and develop colleagues’ skills and understanding.
  • Providing specialist coaching for secondary teachers to innovate their practice and develop colleagues’ skills and understanding.
  • Providing a series of twilight professional learning sessions and gap tasks to build staff capacity and motivation to develop entrepreneurial learning.
  • Providing a year-long professional learning programme for a school in Kent.
  • Providing cross phase professional learning and facilitation to develop joint entrepreneurial learning projects within a school cluster.

“Ready Unlimited has helped change how staff think and plan. Our recent outstanding Ofsted is testament to how developing enterprising teachers, learners and culture is a powerful way of improving schools.”

Denise Popplewell, Head Teacher, Lincolnshire.

“It has transformed the attitudes of the students because they see a purpose for learning and feel they can have an impact on what they achieve. Collaborating with primary colleagues has also meant we all use our resources differently too, we co-ordinate our plans and actions so more young people benefit from enterprise across our learning community. It has made us all more innovative and enterprising educators.”

Mike Torr, Behaviour for Learning Lead, Winterhill School, South Yorkshire.

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